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Writer and Producer Haashim El-amin along with his strong writing team sat down with one vision and goal, write until the world feels us or either our hands fall off! With that said we do promise to bring you everything from movies , books , plays , blogs, and reality TV shows all without so much as taking a breather. Our hope is that maybe if you look through our eyes long enough you just might start to see the world the way we do!!  I I N – N A C ‘s  Work’s a new way of portraying life..


We provide the writing world with great work!! You name it and we write it!! Books, movies, blogs, plays, and even reality  T V shows. We also have writers who can ghost write scripts or help develop ideas. 

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Amazon.com  Book review for"Love Aids"    

                                                                               Really!!!! Its Worth It!!!!

By Sapphire on January 26, 2012
Format: Paperback
Once again I'm back commenting on this excellent piece of literature. Love Aids has been revised! Most times when you have an edited version of a book or even a movie you lose something valuable. You pay an additional 5-10 dollars for the uncut version so that you can get the full effect of that artists point of view. Young Haashim is so talented that, he has managed to revise a masterpiece and make it priceless. Once again this book magnifies one of the most brutal murderers of our century. It takes love, mystery, drama, and urban fiction to a new level while still ringing out a warning to our society about the dangers of the aids virus. Not many young authors are bold enough to write the truth, some seeking simply to entertain. Haashim does both, This story consistently brings tears to my eyes, the characters have become as real to me as my own siblings and friends. Aids does affect us all. This book is a definite must read and then read again...I'm hoping for a movie... but only time will tell.

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