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                                                 Stripping And Tricking in the Club 

Next Up to bat. from the IINNACS team is Darrel Mckoy!! His documentary takes a raw look into what really happens inside the strip clubs. So many young ladies start off with the promise of fast money, but soon find themselves trapped in a situation often to big for them to get out of !! Please be mindful this is a documentary and is strictly for adult Viewers !! The content is extremely raw !! IINNAC'S Works once again, gives a voice to the seldom heard. With the understanding that only Allah can judge, and everybody has the right to be heard!! We now present" Stripping and Tricking in the club ". 

Show producer R. Convington really has himself a instant classic. A real life show filmed with a documentary type format follows various addicts through their everyday lives and constant battle to rid themselves of the active addiction that has taken hold of them.