Ms. Anonymous

Suicide Call

Sometimes I think that I am going insane Because all I do is feel the painThe world is full of death and corruption Sometimes I feel like I am part of the destruction And pain and sorrow in this world,  But it's not like I am just a little girl I am just sick and tired of the pain Because that is all the remains in my world For the tears are gone, it's not worth it to cry Oh why do I just sit and pray on the day that I get to die And pass away from this world and get some happiness in my life I've never been and never will be happy on this Earth So I just wait for the pain and tears to go away For my day to leave I pray is near I do nothing at all For depression and crying just ain't like dying I don't pray for non-violence or the stop of drugs, a cure for AIDS anymore I just pray for the day I get to leave this world And all the pain that still remains in my lonely heart Will vanish as so will my mind, body and soul Tears don't exist nor does anything in my life Not food, not friends Just the few people that keep me awake For I'd sleep all day except to pray for my last day on this Earth*My Dedication to all those that think about giving up, DON'T DO IT