IINNAC's WORKS is proud to present a new poem to you every month  from our young talented poet by the name of "PRICE QUIS" In the Ink Well section of our Website each of the poems featured can be found in his debut book of poetry in titled  "MY THOUGHTS" set to be released Fall 2014 , we hope you enjoy,,,,,

                                                                                                                         My hoodie


Hoodies are worn to protect the head

To cover you when it rains

To keep your body warm from the cold

Not to bring you grief and pain

Now I will admit, some people take hoodies

And use them for the wrong thing

But why is it everyone has to be labeled

And go through the suffering

Me personally I like hoodies

And have them in various colors

To match my coat or match my feelings

My reasons differ from others

It’s a sad day in America

When wearing a hoodie is no longer safe

Yet and still I throw my hoodie on

And step on out on faith

Faith that I won’t get shot, faith that I wont get got

Damn dog it’s just a hoodie

When you see me my G, don’t get on guard

Just turn and say, “What’s goodie?”


by : PRINCE Quis