IINNAC's Is Proud to present to you another one of our talented Poets the same as Prince Quis you can come here to the INK WEll to check out a new piece of her work every month!! All the poems featured here will also be in her debut book of poems Titled " Shattered Pieces " set to be released December 25, 2014 consider it a gift to the literary WORLD!! 

                                                            FED UP 

I'm so lost I don't know where this is going

This must stop because our relationship isn't growing

I'm losing my sight and I can't see what lies ahead

Lord please give me sign or I'll end up dead

You swear you love me unfortunately, it doesn't show

I wish this pain would go

I'm not a smut, jump off, or any type of whore

I'm fed up with you beating and throwing me on the floor

God knows your time is up, you can't stay here anymore

You're not worth my tears and the one who is won't make me cry

I'm so hurt but through it all I'm still going to hold my head up high

You should be tired of going to jail for a domestic violence charge

I promise love don't live here anymore so you can live on the street and starve





                                                                  YOUNG TALENTED A.S.G