Join us on the set of '180 Days" for a few laughs and announcements!!!  

 [HaashimEl-amin],     [Micheel Hargrove] [Christen Wheeler] [Oliver Robinson] [Rudy Covington]  

[Bruce Hanks] [Darell Mckoy] [Alethea Gibbs] [ Shamirah Smith] [ Cheify]  [ Fatimah El-amin] [ Krystal Hopkins]

                                              Meet The TEAM  OF IINNACS WORKS....

                                                                       I I N N A C's Mission Statement

Here at  "IINNAC'S Works" our team is more like a family than business .  Every single one of our creators and staff members truly work hard to perfect their craft , by never settling for just good enough and constantly raising the bar higher for themselves .  Being true to our work means almost everything to us . Before we finalize a project and release it to the world we ask one question did we tie it up with the ROPE ?? R.O.P.E (Realness Over Popularity  Everyday )  

IINNAC's  Works Team In The Field Getting Busy and enjoying one eachothers company.....

                                         TEAM IINNACSWORKS after Viewing party 2012