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                       THE BLACKGATE CHRONICLES 

 A crippled retired homicide detective takes you through 3 old murder case's he handled !!


After the passing of their mother Three sisters are pushed to their limits. As past resentments and dark secrets are brought to light will they be torn apart or brought together? Find out on Sisterz Keepa



This dramatic and intense erotic tale depicts a story that mutinously weaves together the elements of lies, desperation and seduction with just enough suspense to keep the audience guessing. In her break out role,up and coming actress Malessa Burn-Heart plays a strapped for cash college freshman on the verge of being kicked out school for Financial reasons..  That is until a recent cell phone purchase spins her life in a 360. The calls are frequent, her I'm sorry this is no longer the girl you're calling for numbers response is consistent, and the question asked on the other end redundant " How much do you charge for a hour ""?

                    Coming 2015 

                                       ( FELIPO's HEART)                                                                   

Born to a dope fiend mother pregnant with triplets, on the floor of a dope house in East New York, Fallipo was the only triplet to survive. Tragically his mother did not survive either.  Feeling that the little baby had beat the odds by living, so his life must have a real purpose, an old Dominican man who ran the dope house named Ceaso took the infant home with him to live. Though he looked that of an old fragile man,  there was nothing at all average about him. Ceaso, an ex assassin with the I.Q. of a Harvard biology professor, carefully and methodically teaches Fallipo everything he knows both in the books and in the streets.  By the age of 10 Fallipo is already solving college level Math equations, speaking 4 language's and a 9 out of 10 shot from in within 100 yards with every caliber  hand gun up to a . 45 acp

                                                             COMING OCT 2015